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Yogaraj & Thivyaa

A Memorable Experience

The day we decided our date, the immediate person we engaged was Subra! From seeking his availability to having him shoot our wedding was such a seamless and fuss-free experience! He was all ears about what we wanted and even pitched in a suggestion or two as and when required! He was so passionate about what we wanted and whenever we spoke it was like speaking to a long time friend! Of course the same goes for his team who truly followed us till the end and ensured we got what we wanted. We just received our album and video and I must say, we are beyond elated! Thank you Subra for documenting our biggest day in our life with such reverence and beauty. We are forever grateful!


Professional! Amazing shots!

I really want to thank Subra and his team for capturing our beautiful moments on our big day. Subra made us feel very comfortable and that definitely helped us relax on our big day. We loved how our significant moments were captured beautifully too! Thank you once again!


Fairytale Captured

It’s every brides dream to live her fairytale moment through her very own wedding. To translate this dream to keepsakes that last you a lifetime are photographs. For that I thank Subra and his team. Each picture taken goes beyond the moments and shares an emotion exhibited . When we cant turn clocks around we can always turn back to photographs to relive the moment. Truly a warm feeling. Freeze framed ! My treasure for life. Thank you capturing all these dreamy stills. Happy Bride !!


Undeniably, effortlessly, the best experience out there

What does one need in a wedding photographer? Well, whatever your answer to that is, Mr. Subra has got it. Stunning, stellar photos with a unique emotive palette, extremely personable and charismatic, flexible with his approach and open to tweak his methods for the couple while not compromising on the quality, and all while remaining the epitome of professionalism. Subra's photographs speak for themselves and choosing him on that basis was a no-brainer. But where he also shines is at everything else. My wife and I had a meetup with him prior to the big day and realised he's the most chilled out guy there is. He instantly put us at ease, even bringing us a bit of a sweet treat. We went through every detail and the more time we spent talking, the more my wife and I realised we made the right choice and how lucky we were getting him.

Fast forward to the actual day and as in every Indian wedding, it was pandemonium. In all the madness, Subra was really the one calming presence and instantly set us at ease once we were within a 15 feet radius of him. He knew what was important to the couple and made sure he got them, all while smoothly handling the disruptive aunties and nosy granduncles. In all the madness, we were comfortable knowing that we could trust him to handle everything and that we had one less item to worry about. That definitely helped our stress levels, the significance of which cannot be underestimated. In essence, Subra indulged all our requests before, during and after the wedding and delivered above and beyond. We were granted an exceptional product and an amazing overall experience. If anything stirs us to get married again, it will definitely be the opportunity to work with this talented man once again.


The Best The Industry Has To Offer- Subra Govinda Photography

Right from the start, we knew that we wanted Subra Govinda Photgraphy to capture our wedding solemnisation! Everything was perfect! Subra captured our day exactly how we remember it, all the ridiculously happy smiles, all the silly faces and all of the tears From the communication, quick turnaround and over 700 shots of pure gold that we will treasure forever, we cannot thank and recommend Subra Govinda Photography enough!


One Of The Best !

You can never go wrong with his photos cause he is REALLY AMAZING and takes BEAUTIFUL photos! His precision and detailing is simply perfect! You can see the passion and keen eye for detail in his photos. I will definitely recommend Subra for future events because you can never go wrong with him. We certainly have no regrets at all in engaging him. My husband, myself and our families are ever so thankful to him for capturing our wedding so beautifully! And not forgetting I am a fan of his photography! I've been admiring his photos on Instagram for a long time already and was lucky enough that I got him to capture the wedding! Thank you so so so much Subra! Can't thank you enough!


Because every photo tells a story ...

I have always imagined my wedding as a fairy tale. And having someone to capture those beautiful moments that would last us a lifetime... I have been admiring Subra's work through Instagram for 2 years now. I have to say each shot had a story of its own, they were absolutely beautiful. When Viknesh and I had our wedding dates to select, the first thing that strike my mind was, I had to book Subra. So yes! I'm the bride who booked my wedding photographer before my wedding venue. With wedding preparations and a new house coming along, it was crazy. We were not able to meet Subra to discuss on what we wanted or how is it going to be. We left it to the expert, Subra.

I have to say we were very pleased to see that visually fairy tales do come true. Subra and his team caught beautiful moments of our wedding with so much of emotions involved. They created a memory of a lifetime for both of us. Thank you Subra and team for capturing our story in the most beautiful way! We look forward to having more moments captured by you.


Subra is a wonderful photographer. We get to know him through Instagram and when we met up with him to discuss details. He spend hours talking to us and getting to know us. We felt so comfortable with him. On the day of our wedding he was very punctual. It is usually very hard for me to pose during photos but Subra made me feel so at ease. In the entire process he was More a Friend then our photographer. His vision and skills are amazing . He puts his heart into every photo that he took for us. I can’t say enough thanks for all the efforts u took for us on the day. Even our family members loved Subra and his team. Subra will always remain as our favourite photographer.


Firstly let me start by saying a huge thank you to you and your team Subra! You were amazing. Looking at each and every photo jus brought us so much memories of our big day! I am so glad we both chose u the BEST in the industry to cover our most beautiful moments! You are someone who takes so much effort in delivering nothing but the best to your clients. You made it so comfortable for us to arrange a meeting to sit down and talk about our expectations, you gave us the time and attention we needed! Beyond all of that you are very nice soul and we really enjoyed building the relationship with you through our wedding!

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”
You have definitely delivered that to us!

Thank you once again and loud shoutout to all future couples! Be very mindful who u choose to cover your event, do not calculate with that! Pay for the quality of work! Thank u subra!!!


A Marvellous Experience
The best decision my wife and I made was to engage Mr Subra Govinda and team to take full charge of our wedding photography. The outcome was truly outstanding! Mr Subra is amazing and professional when it comes to photography. His friendly approach and photography skills is truly infinite. He is confident in what he does and that made me and my wife very relaxed and we did not worry a single bit about the photos. He is a very friendly and approachable to any queries. I highly recommend his services and trust me you will not be disappointed. I will definetly engage his services again in the future!


Even before I decided to get married, Subra was the photographer I wanted for my wedding. I’ve always been a fan of his classy shots and how uniquely each photo told a story. No one else was on my mind to even consider and I’m very glad I stuck to that decision. Prior to my wedding we had met up several times to allow him to understand us as a couple and how we weren’t the very traditional duo especially when we came from two different backgrounds, two different religions. Subra was amazing on my wedding day, very professional with his timing and did the best he could with the rushover we had due to situations. He handled it so well which was a blessing for us. Once we got our photos, Hamren and myself were actually in tears cause we know what had taken place prior to the wedding and the moments captured by Subra told us that story of a lifetime. Thank you again Subra and your team for giving us such wonderful memories to look back at. Can’t wait to celebrate more occasions with you. #blessed #gameoverseah


I am a non-Singaporean. Born and raised in the US, I had no idea of any wedding-related vendor in Singapore. To make matters even more stressful, my husband and I only visited Singapore twice before our wedding! We had to make all wedding-related decisions in July 2016 and January 2017, and our wedding was in December 2017. I found Subra Govinda on Instagram in June 2016 and reached out to him to set up an appointment to meet with him in July 2016. Subra was prompt to reply, and was also prompt to arrive to our meeting. Subra was very clear in explaining his services, the associated cost, and understanding what our expectations were for our wedding and reception photos. Subra was absolutely professional, and warm - I feel like one of the most important qualities in a wedding photographer, besides the ability to take pictures, is that you have a great relationship with the photographer, and we adore Subra. Subra met with us prior to our wedding, went through the entire schedule of events, and on the wedding day, executed flawlessly. The photos speak for themselves - Subra and his team captured our wedding day more beautifully and with more emotion that I thought was possible. We are forever grateful to Subra!


Subra is doing the third wedding in Muthu's family and there is a reason his family goes back to him, as he delivers pictures and videos that capture the moments and emotions very beautifully. It is undeniable that the pictures and videos now act as lifelong memories that we can treasure. Thank you, Subra and team! Will highly recommend to all friends and family members. =)

-Gangka Periasamy


We're so glad to have chosen Subra Govinda and his team as our Wedding Videographer and Photographer. Right from the beginning, he was excited to hear our ideas, learn more about us as a couple and our preferences. His team during the pre-event shoot was extremely professional and made us feel very comfortable. They indulged us by putting together a short clip for us to show during the temple ceremony, and also for us to share on social media. We've gotten the raw files of both events from them, and are extremely happy with the results. The frames make us relive the day, and will definitely be cherished for years to come. Thank you for the great work, we're looking forward to seeing the photo album and Video Highlight

- Joti


Subra and his team were awesome to work with and everything a bride could ever wish for. They are professional, talented, punctual and made both my husband and I feel really confident in their abilities and secure so we could focus on the wedding. During the big day, Subra was even tempered and focused and made us feel like he was giving his 100%. The final photos were beautiful and came on time. I will not hesitate to recommend subra to any of my friends

- Revathi


We couldnt be happier that we chose Subra and his team to capture our wedding. We liked that we met up with him before our big day to get to know one another better. On the wedding day, he really made us feel at ease. He is such a nice guy who is so good at what he does. His photos turned out amazing. Thank you, Subra!

- Shankari


Subra is an amazing photographer who manages to capture really special moments that would have otherwise been forgotten or not even noticed. He photographed both our weddings in the UK and Malaysia. Although they were both very different In nature, Subra still managed to photograph them according to their specific style, the U.K. one being a truly English old country manor style wedding and the Malaysian one being my big phat Indian wedding. We could not have asked for a better photographer who was able to fit every situation and occasion. Thank you Subra! :)

- Gulshen


I know this is way overdue. But I have to say Subra, working with you during our wedding was fantastic! You captured every moment perfectly! You have given us a life long memories which we will treasure! You are so easy to work with! We never had to worry about a thing! Your creative ideas with photography captured beautiful moments and a lifetime of memories. Thank You for all your amazing work!

- Amreet

Heres a shoutout to subra govinda photography. Excellent work with an amazing talent. You delivered wonderful service. Im glad that i chose you for my wedding.

- Sharan


Subra the pictures you took at our wedding were breathtaking! You captured some truly perfect moments. Thank you so much. A number of them are now proudly displayed on our walls at home - Fiona


Dear Subra, thank you for being such a wonderful photographer on our big day. Everyone in our family felt you did your job with such warmth and care. You were very accommodating, sincere and patient. Thank you so much !! And everyone is still talking about the wonderful portrait picture of us that was on stage yesterday. We all also feel so terrible that you didn't even get to eat dinner yesterday and was on your feet for the entire 4 hours plus. Thank you so much !! Can wait to see all the pics, please kindly take your time ! Cheers mate.



Hi Subra, Amrit and I would like to thank you and your team for being such a pleasure to work with for our wedding!! From some of the pics that we have already seen, your work is absolutely fantastic. You captured moments so beautifully, in such great detail and full of emotions. We are really looking forward to seeing all the pictures from the wedding!! Really superb work

- Sharon